"From now on, your partner must be the person next to you!"

Mrs Principal! This is outrageous! This is unfair! The girls always get let out first! I always get let out last! I'm the furthest from the door! Next your gonna say it's not first to the handball court! Are you gonna say I can't call dibs in the morning on the ball? I have to be allowed to spike the ball or else the girls will always win!

"Have you tried not playing to win?"

Ma'am every word you just said was wrong.

"You made a girl cry."

She got in the way of the wall! She needs to watch where she's going!

"You hurt your feelings. She said you called her a bad name."

I called her Ericka!

"That's not her name."

O! Is she in detention?

"Yes. She said a bad word."

What word? You know. So I know not to say it. Can I go to detention too? She's my best friend. We kissed.

"Oh dear."
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