The cabinet maker

A woman in Tel-Aviv finally saves enough money to buy a new hand-made cabinet, and has it installed in her home, which faces the street whereby bus number 5 passes.

As she is admiring her new purchase, she notices that bus number 5 passes her house, and as it does, the cabinet doors open up. "That's strange," she thinks to herself, as she closes the cabinet doors. After some minutes, bus number 5 passes her house again, and as happened the first time, the cabinet doors open wide.

Confused, the woman calls the cabinet maker and asks him to come to her house. The cabinet maker arrives at the house and asks the woman about the exact issue she is having. She explains, "every time bus number 5 passes the front of my house, the doors on the cabinet open up."

The cabinet maker has been building cabinets for more than 30 years and he's never heard of such a thing. Just then, bus number 5 passes the house, and the cabinet doors spring open. Amazed, the cabinet maker takes some tools, and start adjusting the hinges and looking around the edges of the doors for some clues. A few moments later, bus number 5 passes again, and once again, the doors spring open.

Completely clueless, the cabinet maker tells the woman, "even though it is a small cabinet, I'm going to climb inside and do some adjustments and then wait for bus number 5 to pass again to see if I can figure this out from the inside." He contorts his body, climbs in and asks the woman to close the cabinet doors.

Just then, the woman's husband arrives home. He enters the house and admires the new cabinet. He opens the doors and finds the cabinet maker inside.

"What are you doing in there?" asks the husband.

The cabinet maker responds, "If I told you I was waiting for bus number 5, would you believe me?"
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