1 Paris building built around an old train track, now turned pedestrian path
Jacquets under cover.
My Labradoodle Indie After Being Groomed. She's a Good Girl.
Best over reaction ever!!! Vietnam goes CRAZY nationwide to celebrate the u23's winning their semi-final of the Asian Football Cup against Qatar.
My pup and my favorite human
The image vs the reality...$9.00 rip off
Probably the funniest thing I've seen all year
Snapped by my mate during a bush walk. Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia.
3am walk along the river Tyne
Dive mask
An umbrella maker in Naples, Italy
666 days without a drink, 100lbs lost, 1450 miles ran, and today is four weeks without a cigarette!
I regret the decisions which have led to this point.
That moment when you give in to your homoerotic leanings...
I've been waiting a week to get this shot